About Us

Palagi Family Photo Borgo a Mozzano, Italy. (Tony 3rd from right,) (Peter Back Middle)

In 1998 Brothers’ Ron and Bob Palagi joined forces creating Palagi Brother’s Ice Cream & Frozen Lemonade keeping a family tradition alive that started at the turn of the 19th Century. Our ice cream trucks are the only Palagi family owned trucks on the roads today. Ron and Bob’s grandfather ‘Antonio’ Tony Palagi was born in Borgo a Mozzano, Italy in 1873 and emigrated to Pawtucket, RI in 1901, a few years after his brother ‘Pietro’ Peter Palagi made the journey in 1896. They both created their own separate ice cream businesses, Tony Palagi’s Ice Cream and Peter Palagi’s Ice Cream Respectively. Back then the Palagis used the horse and wagon as their form of transportation for distribution and sales.

Ronnie ‘Togo’ Palagi (In Truck)

Ron and Bob recall stories from their father Alfred about how as a child Alfred would wake up prep and groom his father Tony’s horse  before he would make his way to school for the day. The horse not only provided the transportation but was also a favorite for all of the people from the neighborhood. The horse knew the ice cream route so well that if Tony couldn’t work for a day someone could fill in like his son Alfred and the horse would basically lead the way even if the person filling in for the day didn’t know the route. Eventually the horse and wagon would be retired with the inception of the Model A Ford. Tony purchased his 1934 V8 Ford woody ice cream truck which he ran for years until his son Alfred ‘Freddy” Palagi took ownership of it and then his son Ronnie ‘Togo’ Palagi after him. These Classic trucks would go on to ride through the streets of Southern New England up until the 80’s and were then replaced by the modern ice cream trucks that you see on our roads today.

In the early 70’s Ronnie ‘Togo’ Palagi purchased a 1963 ice cream truck equipped with a cold plated freezer for $2,500. He drove that for about a decade at which time he purchased two 1973 P10 Chevrolet Trucks one of which he rented out monthly and one that he drove himself. Ron was the one that expanded the business from Rhode Island to Massachusetts. His route was based in Attleboro, MA. He built a fantastic relationship with the people of Attleboro which he has developed for over 50 years. He is beloved by the people of the area. To this day his loyal customers recall stories of him and how he always remembers their streets, their names, and how he always greeted them with the classic bell and his famous hand gestor, a clinched hand with his pinky,  index finger, and thumb pointed out. 🤟 Ron is now semi-retired but from time to time you can catch him out there in one of our trucks!

Palagi's Most Recent Fleet

Palagi Brother’s fleet late 90’s

1977 Ron’s youngest brother Bob Palagi started working full time in the family business. Bob also developed his route over the Rhode Island border into Massachusetts. Bob’s route was based in North Attleboro. He too developed a great relationship with the people of the town that continues to this day.

In 2017 Bob’s middle son Adam Palagi bought into ownership expanding the family business into it’s fourth generation. Adam has combined modern business concepts that perfectly compliment the classic touch and the priceless decades of experience that his uncle Ronnie and father Bob bring to the team!

Palagi Brothers also gives back to our local communities to show our appreciation to the towns in which we have made our livings over the years. Palagi Brothers contributes to our local school’s, police departments, sporting teams, veterans, and various charities annually. We regularly offer 10% discount or contribution to local schools, PTO’s, youth sports, and community events with a $200 minimum in sales. We are often told that our ice cream truck was ‘The Hit’ of the event. Choose Palagi Brothers to bring excitement and joy to your special event!  Not only will you be satisfied by our service and the quality of our products, we are also very affordable with items ranging from only $1 or $4 dollars a piece. Book Us Today!